Specializing in the development, production, processing and marketing of structural ceramics and ceramic bearings;
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Hebei Hicera Technology Co.,Ltd is mainly engage in advanced ceramic and ceramic bearing produce and development for about 15 years.We have advanced production and detection machine and strictly follow the ISO9001 quality system.We have a technical team including ceramic and machine experts,so we are in the leeding level in the advanced ceramic field in China.


Because of the excellent performance such as:high strength,high hardness,high wear-resistant,high rigidity,resistance to corrosion and high temperature,high electric insulation and nonmagnetic,low density and so on ,advanced ceramic products are widely used in chemical,metallurgy,machinery,green energy petroleum,electronics fields.


Our products and service are as follows:

1,processing on giving materials such as Si3N4 SiC ZrO2 Al2O3 ceramics.

2,All kinds of ceramic parts,including Si3N4 SiC ZrO2 Al2O3 ceramic.

3,Ceramic bearing and ball,rollers.

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