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Zirconia bearing ball
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  Zirconia bearing ball
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 Zirconia ceramic balls retain some performance relative to metal material as follows,so it has been used widely in ceramic bearing:

1,High corrosion resistance, this means they can be also used in acid and alkali .

2,High temperature resistance. Can be used up to 500℃.

3,Electrical insulation、non-magnetic. 

4, Low density(6.05g/cm3), it is approximately 20% lighter than steel balls, running more quieter and more long live time.

5, The self-lubrication of Zirconia ball bearings makes it can be used in vacuum and high temperature conditions without lubrication.

Application fields:high precision ceramic bearings, high temperature bearings, vacuum bearings, ceramic valve ball and so on. 

Size: Φ3.175~Φ25.4(mm)


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